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Cloudways Coupon 95% OFF for 3 months – Guide+Review+Coupon By FFScripts

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Hi FFScripts customers!

After a lot of customer requests, and a long time we tested many servers on ourselves, we decided to give you the best cloud server setup for your WordPress websites + 95% OFF Coupon for 3 months!

Thanks to the Best Ecommerce Hosting Cloudways, See Your Ecommerce Speed up your WordPress website by 300%!

PRO TIP: The big benefit here, you can run fast 10 WordPress websites on a single host for just $5! we have tested and worked perfectly!


We have tested on the following providers, here the results:

As you can see, Cloudways get the best result (FFScripts runs on Cloudways as well)

Who wouldn’t love a super-fast website? Well, when it comes to speed, you need to be tricky and technical so that you can Speed Up your WordPress website easily.

For WordPress users, there are several factors to look after like hosting environment, software versions, configurations, etc.

So, Cloudways hosting helps to get most of the above performance factors. You can easily boost your website speed and get the maximum score in Page Speed Testing tools like GTMetrix, Pingdom Tools, Google Page Speed Insights, etc.

Another big benefit here is that Cloudways live technical support is awesome! they have a Live chat with answer in a few seconds by Pro engineer

Let’s start to deploy our first speed light WordPress host!

Fresh WordPress Install Steps
Go ahead and register to Cloudways(Link with coupon) and log in to your account and you should now be on this screen below.

Next step is to click on the applications tab and create a new application (this will become your new WordPress blog). You should be in the screen below and it should be blank if this is a new Cloudways account and you have not migrated any other blogs. As you can see below, you are able to create multiple blogs.

The next thing we need to do is click on add application and in the pop-up box select your server which should be the only option listed in the drop-down menu. (see example below)

You should now be on the following page. This is where we will install the latest WordPress version.

What we need to do now is name your application. This name won’t be the actual name of your blog so you can name it anything. This is important if you plan to install more than 1 blog so you differentiate between them. Let’s name this application like so:

Next, let’s select the latest blog version which will always be listed in the drop-down box. Just click on the select application text to bring up a menu and select the latest version of WordPress. Then click add an application to begin the installation. At this point, you should be looking at the download screen below.

After 2 minutes, the blog will be installed and you should be back at the homepage dashboard of your account like so. Where I have circled in red is what you click on to go to your blog. Because I have 3 different blogs installed, I have to click on this and select the new one I just created. We want to make sure we can login to our new blog after installing it.

Your next step is to attach this blog to a domain. You can view detailed instructions through their help section: How Do I Take My Website Live From Cloudways?

For the domain registrar, I have my blogs on Cloudflare so my name servers are changed to reflect this. Let’s get to logging into your blog.

After you choose a domain to your new blog that you just installed, to access the admin panel easily and find out the automated password given, you should be on this page below.

Click where the arrow is pointing to go to your blog’s login page to sign in with the information provided. If you click on the “eye” icon, you’ll see your password which you will need to access your blog.

Congrats You Did It!

Congrats on installing a WordPress blog on Cloudways. As you can see, it’s not hard to do and you can create multiple blogs at your leisure… If you want to use 1 blog for a test blog, skip the domain management section as you don’t want to attach the blog to a domain. This is what I did and I can still log in to my test blog and do whatever without the search engines finding the blog.

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