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MyApp – NativeScript Vue Mobile App with Laravel Backend By doorsjm

This is a starter mobile app with authentication and basic CRUD screens using Nativescript Vue with a Laravel backend using Passport for API authentication.

This app gives you everything you need to start building out a larger and more complex application:

  • Splash Screen
  • Network Conection check
  • Registration
  • Login
  • Reset password
  • Email Address Verification screen which allows for resending verification email and prevents users from accessing restricted screens until they have completed their verification
  • Dashboard
  • Companies CRUD – Listing page along with pages to Add, Edit and Delete a company
  • Contacts CRUD – Listing page along with pages to Add, Edit and Delete a contact
  • Laravel app with all the packages needed to allow for API access but no frontend for the website. All Controllers, Repositories, Models, routes etc created to allow for seamless expansion.
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