ViralFB – The ULTIMATE Super VIRAL QUIZ Website With MULTIPLE FRIENDS v4[digital] By FFScripts

Real TOP MULTIPLE Friends – Keep Reading to the middle!

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*Super viral edition The most powerful CMS for Create Viral Apps or Quizzes and generate results with user profiles pictures and names out there!

Have you ever seen your friends sharing posts like “How crazy or calm are you?” or “What Is Your Power- Quote?” or “Find Out Which Name Is Hidden In Your Heart!” or even “Who Finds You Hot, Crazy And Sexy?“?

You probably seen a lot of them if you active on facebook.
These apps are so viral that they rollng like a snowball!
Believe it or not but Hundreds of thousands of people visit those sites every day to try and share these fun apps.

New Version Front-End

New Version Back-End

You can too,but why should you try?

You probably have heard about that kind of sites that grew up super fast and became the “most shared sites” on facebook in a short time from luanch! Such a sites as “nametests” or “heroquizz” or “meaww” or others out there.
Hundreds of thousands people loves these apps and share these apps each day – AND get in Directly TO YOUR OWN SITE – IMAGINE IT.


ViralFB is a super viral lightweight and easy Social apps CMS script built on top of the languages and will roll your website like a “snowball”!

ViralFB probably has the most features for viral apps than any other script out there for this kind of niche.

*Create apps/quizs with easy Drag&Drop builder – no need coding skills!

Coming soon free – Ready Apps/Quizzes | Themes | Plugins | Forums to Maximize the viral apps!

Read on to see whats inside



Click on me to view demo


Click on me to view admin panel demo
Username: admin
Password: admin
Please NOTE the Export/Update/Delete/Create is disabled in admin demo.

Minimum server requirements

  • PHP 5.6.4 or above
  • Apache Web Server
  • MCrypt PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • CURL & Curl PHP extension
  • PDO Extension
  • XML Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • GD Extension (for image processing)

Technologies and libraries

  • Laravel 5.0
  • Bootstrap 3
  • jQuery
  • And many other OpenSource libraries
  • Facebook approved premissions user_photos and optional user_posts


  • I don’t know anything about code. Can I install it and get it running?
    Yes, Of course. You just need to upload it and install it using the built-in web-based installer. All you need to do is to create a database and provide the details. If in case you experience any other difficulty, we are here to help! Simply open a ticket.
  • Can I install it on a shared hosting?
    Sure, as long as it meets the specified requirements

ViralFB Release 4.0 what inside – 18/03/2018

  • Fixed Auto-Updater – Must have Zip extension installed on the host!
  • Fixed laggy Dashboard for heavy websites using ViralFB
  • Code optimize and cleaner
  • New Theme
  • Prefomance fixed
  • Multiple Friends fixed and Optimized
  • Fix theme
  • Fixed https/http protocls
  • Added Auto-Share support for extension
  • Fixed Arabic/RTL Languages

ViralFB Release 3.2 what inside – 06/03/2018

  • Fixed Auto-Updater – Must have Zip extension installed on the host!
  • Fixed laggy Dashboard for heavy websites using ViralFB
  • Code optimize and cleaner
  • New Theme
  • Prefomance fixed
  • Categories for apps

ViralFB Release 3.0 what inside – 18/10/2017

  • Multiple friends
  • Code optimize and cleaner
  • New Theme
  • Prefomance fixed
  • Plugins page
  • Auto-Update page
  • Categories for apps

ViralFB Release 2.2 what inside

ViralFB Release to public

  • Version 3.0 Released Date 18/10/2017
  • Version 2.2 – Released Date 26/07/2017

  • Version 2.0 – Date 28/06/2017

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Release date:July 26, 2017
Last updated:March 18, 2018
Current version:3.0
Product type:PHP Script
File size:49
Requirements:PHP >= 5.5.9,OpenSSL PHP Extension,PDO PHP Extension,Mbstring PHP Extension,GD Library,PHP Fileinfo Extension
Price:$69.00 – $299.00 USD

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